Wou! So, about six months ago I was contacted by Kontenas PR staff about reposting the Kontena + UpCloud post I did a while back. That was a special moment because that's the first time a company in the industry took notice of my writing.

Don't get me wrong, I don't write this blog to generate fame and fortune or even to attract tons of readers. I mostly write it for myself. To reorganize my thoughts and learn stuff better. That doesn't mean I wasn't pleasantly taken to get the attention, even got noticed on hacker news. I do believe that putting yourself out there is something that employers appreciate nowadays. Tech guys, in general, are in high need, but dudes and dudettes who also can write interesting stuff about what they do, it's definitely a plus.

So, I was contacted by Kontenas community manager about my post. They wanted to repost it amongst Kontenas own blog, which features on Hacker News, and so they reposted it. And wou! it trended for a while with the top 30. I know that sounds pathetic, but for me, that's huge! Suddenly, I got way more traction that I've could've hoped for.

The repost alone was a big deal for me, but a unique opportunity presented itself a while later when I was contacted by the same community manager offering a presenter spot at one of their meetups. Of course, I said yes! A Huge honor, that I (a newbie in the industry), was given this chance to show my skills about a subject that I'm so passionate about.

Man, I was so nervous the whole week leading up to the meetup. Especially as I learned the whole ordeal would be recorded and uploaded to YouTube. But, in the end, I feel I did an okay job. Certainly some demo effect stuff ( wholly due to me forgetting stuff) but luckily I had a kind crowd.

Well, without further a due, check out the video, and if you'd like to try out what I did in the video yourself, clone my Git repo and give it a go.

Enjoy, and subscribe to the mailing list if you like reading what I write!

Ps. I promise to write more often in the future. Last six months have been so stressful, that I've hadn't had the energy or time to do my own projects, but that'll change now, I promise. Plus, I've got an interesting project in mind, which will be a good read, I promise!